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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Craft Area Update / Upcycle / Recycle

   Hi all! If you have been following me for a while you know that I Craft in my unfinished basement. we make good use of our space down here. Hubby and I have a makeshift bedroom (walled off by heavy curtains. We have a gaming / TV area as well as laundry, wood stove and 3/4 bath.

  I have wanted to do something new with my craft storage wall for a while but did not really want to spend much money. I am hoping in the next few years to be able to move upstairs when my kids move out.

  So for the past 4 days I have been working my but off refurbishing a set of rusty, dirty shelves I grabbed free from the driveway of a neighbor. Here they are right after I got them home...

   Yup they are pretty grimy! After much scrubbing they looked a bit more like this...

   After lots of sanding and scraping I began Painting....

   I used flat white Rustoleum. After 3 cans of the spray and 1 quart of the paint (total supply cost was around $30.00) they looked like this...


  Yup I know there is a whole in the bottom of one but I'm not worried about it. 
   My boy helped me move them to our basement and I was ready to get started. My before looked a bit like this (I forgot to purposely get a good photo.

Now my space looks like this!

   I just LOVE it! I have a few more inches of room between this and my desk and it is much brighter. Also I can see everything better. Things are more spread out instead of being stacked behind and on top of each other! 

   Two of the shelves are anchored to the joists above but only with rope for now. Hubby Will help be do a proper job with steel strapping when I am sure this is working well. I did try to keep the heaviest items on the bottom or lower shelves and I do have blocks of wood (some are wood blocks from old wood mounted stamps!) under the corners by the legs for extra support. 

   I even finally got my desk clean!
My Storage wall is behind me as I sit here. With a busy family I like to be able to look out and see what is going on. I do not like looking at walls!

   Here is a super sped up video of my progress... 

   This project led to lots of shifting around the house. The piece I pulled out went to the opposite side of the basement to actually be used for its purpose... an Entertainment center and looks great. The cubes the basement TV was sitting on went up to the boys room to be the base for a desk. (Still working on that one... 

  If the weather had not worked out so perfectly admittedly I probably would not have pushed so fast to get this project completed. I am sooooooo glad I did!

I hope I have inspired you to try something new or repurpose items you have around you. I could have easily spent HUNDREDS of dollars on a similar project.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Super" Haul From Kindred Stamps

So much awesomeness!

Watch to see all the goodies!

For the card I just colored the character with colored pencils, cut it out and started layering... I had the spiderweb die from "memory box"in my stash. I fussy cut the "smash" from the printed paper that was in my kit.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How I make cold brew coffee at home

   I love Cold brew coffee... There I said it...
   I am a sucker for stopping in at Caribou or my local small town shop for a cup of icy heaven. I could easily spend $20+ a week if I got this as often as I wanted. Well I would rather spend my money on crafty items than on something consumable.
   A few weeks ago I searched the web for ideas on how to make my own at home and this is what I have come up with...

Your favorite coffee grounds (slightly coarse tends to work better)
coffee filters
Container to hold grounds and water while brewing
Container to hold finished brew
coffee flavorings of choice

Place 1/2 cup coffee in container (I used a Quart mason jar)
Add 3-4 cups of water (I fill the jar to the top)
let sit for 24 hours
Strain grounds

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fathers Day Card for my Hubby...

Hi all... Today I finished up a card that was a really hard one for me in many ways. I am not great at scene building so it was really out of my comfort zone. I hope you agree it turned out pretty cute.

Here are the Riley Moose images I colored as part of The 30 day Color Challenge

Here are some of the supplies I used...

FYI this is larger than a standard A2 card. It actually came out a wonky size because I was not paying attention :) I think it is 5 1/2 x 6 1/2. I will need to make a custom envelope but that it easy.

If you have any questions about how I made the card let me know. It was basically all ink blending except the water which I used a water pen from Jane Davenport. Then covered with the Judikins Diamond Glaze.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Conquering my fear!!!

  So I have posted many videos on my YouTube using my Brother Scan N Cut but for some silly reason I have been terrified to cut vinyl.... I don't know why... It has just been one of those things.
   This past weekend at the Stamp and Scrapbook expo there was a booth called Crafter Depot. They were selling tons of vinyl and accessories. I decided to invest in some Heat transfer vinyl and get some of the transfer tape needed for the sticky back kind (already had a bit of that.
  Today I finally put into use all I had learned from all the MANY you tube videos I have watched.


 I just love it! Now to try some more designs...  Stay tuned!

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