I am on a mission... to create, to inspire, to learn, to educate, to save, to grow, to be better... Join me :)

About me

Hi I'm Paulette, a Midwest wife and mom of 2 awesome kids. My goal is to share my journey of learning how to be a better wife and mom while exploring my many varied interests. When I started this blog I was all about what I could accomplish in the kitchen. Lately that has not been my driving passion as it was a few years ago. Now I'm just trying to enjoy all life has to offer! Join me!
My other interests include but are not limited to...









Grilling and learning to cook over an open fire

All things Scouting

FYI... I often refer to my Children as "The Girl" and "The Boy". The Girl is 15 and the Boy is11. They are my greatest joy and some days my greatest challenge. I love them beyond words and can not thank them enough for helping to make me the person I am today.

Just to let everyone know... When I talk about eating healthier I do not necessarily mean that I am cooking diet foods. I am more referring to cooking with real ingredients, not prepackaged mixes and such. I will from time to time use a convenience food such as boxed broth, it just depends on what I have on hand and how much time I have. Like everyone else I just to the best I can :)

I am not a professional chef nor do I have any formal training in the kitchen. I Spent many hours as a child watching my Great Aunt (or "Auntie"as we all call her) make amazing foods for family gatherings. My mother fostered my love of cooking by letting me "crank the bread dough" with one of these...
Photo courtesy of a google images search
I also took special interest in perfecting the meatballs we made every Sunday to go with our pasta dish of the week. Oh and my dad still loves my chocolate chip cookies too :)