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Cakes I have made

 Here are some of the cakes I have made since I had kids. I have always enjoyed making cakes and as a teenager used to make large cakes that my Grandmother would commission to take to "the Moose Club" for their once a month Birthday celebrations. They were never Fancy but they were well received.

Some birthdays are missing because I have in the past ordered them from the local Bakery. It went out of business so I got a bit more adventurous :)

Links to my favorite cake and icing recipes:
blue velvet cake
white cake
extreme chocolate cake
Marshmallow Fondant

Happy Sweet 16 to my girl! She loves all things Galaxy so I did my best to get this to have that look. The cake inside is Marble. the buttercream underlay and the fondant are my go to recipes linked above.  Do you recognize any constellations? I added the few I knew off the top of my head.

My Mom was visiting recently and we were able to celebrate her Birthday. I was looking for something simple and fun since I was burned out from the Holidays. I perused Pinterest for some ideas and came up with this cute cake. I love it as did my Mom and the kids.  This is a yellow cake with my favorite buttercream frosting linked above.

    My Girl Turned 14 recently and while there was not a fancy theme we did have fun! 
   This cake was inspired by searching Pinerest for cakes for Teenagers.I did cheat and use a box mix for the cake. It was time consuming enough to make the colors. I used my tried and true frosting and fondant recipes linked above.

   Here are some tips for making a rainbow cake...
1. Have your bowls and food colors ready to go
2. Do not over-mix the batter. I had a fair amount of lumps before I separated the to mix into bowls for mixing the colors. Over-mixing will make for dry crumbly cake.
3. Have the least amount of batter for your center color.
4. I liked the results better when I started with the center color on the pan first. I'm pretty sure that is my top layer on the cake.



My boy turned 10 a few weeks back and he requested an Avengers cake. Hulk is his favorite so in favor of relative simplicity I went with it...  I did get some inspiration from google searches so this is not completely original :)  But the photo is definitely the cake I made.

How did my Baby Girl get to be 13? I surprised her with this "Hunger Games" Theme cake. She LOVED it!

The cake is a basic white cake with the same frosting recipes linked below.

     For this cake I started by printing out a picture of the Mockingjay pin and cut it out with an exacto knife. then used it as a template cut out the fondant. The flames on the side are free form cut out with just a knife. I use a dab of water on the back of the decorative elements to adhere them to the cake. "Happy Birthday" is written using black food coloring paste and a firm angle tip paint brush. "Sammie" is cut out using "Wilton" cutters

 I think this new cake for my Boy's 9th birthday is one of my best yet!  My girl helped a lot with the detail work and brainstorming. The boy and his buddies loved it! It is a chocolate cake with the usual buttercream and marshmallow fondant linked below in this post.

In 2013 my girl began swimming and diving for our local school team. It has become her new passion! I wanted to make her a cake that would reflect her new love so I came up with this "Pool" cake. It cam out a bit boring for me but luckily I have grateful kids and she again loved it. I made a yellow cake tinted blue and covered with the same butter cream and fondant I always use. Find the recipes highlighted below.

My boy is obsessed with the Lego Ninjago series so here is his cake for 2013 birthday. Once again this is a 2 layer chocolate cake with a good coating of butter cream for the Fondant to stick to. I used the same recipes previously linked.

My girl Requested a Tennis theme and red velvet cake for her 2012 birthday. I was not thrilled with doing another round cake but just went with it. If you know my girl you know that blue is her favorite color so when I saw a recipe on Pinterest for "Blue Velvet Cake I knew I had to try it!
The verdict?  She LOVED it! "phew" ok happy mom :)

I served  with home made strawberry ice cream at the Girl's request.

 In 2012 My boy requested a "Spiderman"  cake. Here is what I cam up with

This is a 2 layer chocolate cake covered in buttercream icing then in Marshmallow Fondant.

The Spiderman picture is a  JPG file I found on a Google search. I edited the Photo in my program to add the words. I printed it out on semi-glossy photo paper and cut it out. It is taped to a bamboo Skewer

My Girl is a huge Harry Potter Fan. Part of her present since her birthday was close to the release of The Deathly Hallows part 2 was to make her this "Snitch" cake.

The cake itself is 4 layers. 2 are chocolate and 2 are white cake. My girl loves Marble cake and this was my alternative. 2 of the layers were made in a shallow round stainless bowl to help me get the rounded shape.
This was my first round cake. It was a bit of a challenge for many reasons. I did not use enough Buttercream to have the fondant stick. The Golden color for the Fondant took a lot of tweaking.

To make the card  I found this Harry potter JPG file on a Google search. I edited the Photo in my program to add the words. I printed it out on semi-glossy photo paper.

This was my first experience with the Marshmallow fondant. it takes a bit to get a feel for working with a different "medium" but I love the results! My boy did too! To top off his birthday adventure we went to Lego Land at the Mall.

This is just a basic cake I made for my Girl. It was however the LAST of the Tinkerbell cakes! It does have a secret though... The cake inside is a light blue :)

The butterflies and Tinkerbell photo are finds from a Google search then printed onto photo paper. The butterflies are taped to thin wire so they look like they are floating and the Tinkerbell photo is attached to a bamboo skewer.

Do you have a Mario cart Fan? I do, thus this Luigi themed cake for my boy's 5th Birthday. I got lucky and found this great quality JPG file on a Google search so I printed it out on semi-glossy photo paper and cut it out. It is taped to a bamboo Skewer.

My girl loved this Tinkerbell cake.I made it for a big party with friends at our local splash park.    It's a basic marble cake with Buttercream frosting.

This cake was made using silicone cake molds my Grandmother had given me. It was a fun project but time consuming to decorate. I also used gummy lifesavers for the wheels and M&M's for the windows. It is a basic chocolate cake with Buttercream frosting.

This was my first adventure into making a theme cake with props.I think it came out well. One of the Party guests was a local cake decorator who I had enlisted to make cakes for my kids before and even she said it was great :)

Each Kid at the Party got one of these mini cakes with their name on them.They loved it!

I cooked the cakes in a 1cup glass "Prep bowl" the Pampered Chef sells. It worked AWESOME!


This was the basic cake I made for my boy's 1st Birthday. He had his own cake to destroy that I covered with chocolate "cool whip" Yes I know in the photo the "1" is backward. It had been a long day :)

The chocolate icing on the big cake is the basic chocolate icing recipe off the Hershey cocoa can.
My girl's Birthday is in the middle of the summer and I hate running my oven so this cherry chocolate cake was made in the Microwave! I was earlier on in my cake making adventures so it is a canned icing that I added a packet of chocolate pudding mix to to help it firm up a bit. It worked OK,

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