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Friday, January 18, 2013

Elaina's memory quilt

 Another addition to my "portfolio" of memory Quilts...

This project came about during a casual conversation with a friend. I had just finished the last Memory quilt project and her face lit up. She had been looking for someone to do a t-shirt quilt for her youngest daughter who had graduated from High School the year before. She had been feeling a bit guilty because her 2 older children had gotten similar quilts for their graduation gifts.

This project was fun but also a challenge. I had not done a quilt of this size and I needed to do different size blocks to accommodate as many of the shirts / memorabilia as possible.  I was more  than pleased with the results :)

If you know of anyone looking for something like this or my other memory quilts let me know.

Please know I take these projects very seriously. These are your memories after all and I will do my best to preserve them and show them off the best I can.

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