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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Strawberry Freezer Jam... B2B inspiration

This is about 3 pounds of berries. We picked a total of 9 pounds

Yesterday The Boy and I went to pick strawberries at our amazing local (20 minutes away) U-Pick farm. There were other moms there with their smaller children and it reminded me of my first trip to pick berries with my children. Picking those berries and making jam was some of my first inspiration for creating this blog. So many people have no idea how easy it is to make something so simple yet ads such joy and satisfaction. Yes it was a bit more work but including picking it only took about 4 hours to make all this jam. I worked pretty slow since the berries were small and I let the boy off the hook from helping with the berries since (I needed his help in other areas around the house :)

I used Pomona's universal pectin this time. I like it because you can use less sugar.
I followed the recipe in the box for a cooked jam but instead of canning I put it in the freezer.

The Freezer Jam I have done in the past I made in this way.

The first batch I used 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 cup sugar. FYI the honey recipe will always be a bit more runny but my family is fine with it.

For the rest I use a Cane sugar I got from Aldi last week and it looks like it has jelled nicely.


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