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Friday, March 30, 2012

Things I feel strongly about... (first posted Oct 2011)

I understand that we lead busy lives and many people do not have hours on end to spend in the kitchen, but if I can teach people a few shortcuts to making good food with less preservatives and chemicals then I will have made a difference.

I want to rid the world of the notion that cooking  & eating healthy is more expensive, therefore too hard.

I want to teach people that yes they too can make that from scratch and you know what… it’s not that hard!

I want people to learn they do not need to be a slave to the media and to the grocery stores. 

Let’s make conscious decisions for our families and what we put in our/their bodies.

Buy your beans, oats & spices from the bulk bins… “It’s a good thing”

If you think cooking healthy is “too expensive” then maybe you should rethink your cable plan or cell phone options. I mean what is really more important?…

I never want to hear again… “you are cooking “healthy?” then you can’t have anything good!”

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