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Friday, March 30, 2012

So here goes… a bit about me... (First Published october 2011)

So here goes…
I am a wife to a husband I adore
I am a mom to 2 of the greatest kids on the planet
I like to cook
I do not like to clean
I grew up on the seacoast of New England
I now live in the Midwest
I miss good seafood
I am learning how to garden
I love fresh tomatoes … warm off the vine sliced then put on some yummy bread that is slathered with miracle whip. Yup miracle whip, got a problem with that?
My husband and kids do NOT like tomatoes, I think they are a bit crazy and the kids must not be mine :)
I am learning how to cook healthier alternatives for my family
I am on a mission to rid my kitchen of boxed foods want to be a better wife and mom.
I wish I had better patience
I need to lose some serious weight
I have an even more serious sweet tooth
I have a bad habit of over committing myself
I live a modest life but am loving it more now than ever
I love to read
I am a terrible speller
I wayyy over use ellipses…
I am terrible with Grammar and punctuation, sorry It’s how I roll
I like smiley faces at the ends of my sentences :)

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