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Friday, March 30, 2012

Playing Catch-up... (First published 2/12/2012)

Hi all, so sorry I have neglected my new project. Life got in the way (funny how that happens!). Over the last 2 weeks 1 or more people in my house have been sick (me included). Other wise I have been running my but off (I wish it was that easy to get rid of) delivering kids to sports practices, tournaments and scrimmages, pine-wood derby's and gearing up for GS cookie sales. Phew....
Also it was convenient that MN weather finally showed up just in time for our first out door cookie booth! Yeah baby 2 hours outside in 0 degree weather. Can you believe we had a blast? Yup it was fun and those kids are troopers!
I really need to work on my meal plan again and I will try to get it up tonight or tomorrow. Here is what is on my plate today...
Load up for cookie booth #2 and deliver to town
Come home wash dishes, fold laundry,etc...
Help the boy with his Valentines (Yay he wants to use his box from last year!!!!)
Have girl make GS poster for dad to take to work
Go work cookie booth with the girl
Break down booth and haul what is left home
Come home and figure out what to feed everyone... You thought I never struggled with this didn't you?
I think that is it... but you mom's know how it is, about 10 other things will pop up as well and we will figure out how to get it all done. Well maybe some of it anyway, we can hope right :)

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