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Monday, April 13, 2015

Zaycon Chicken...

Ever wondered what 40 pounds of chicken looks like? Here is my 40 pounds from my last Zaycon order. There are 5-7 breast halves individually wrapped in each gallon zip top bag. This is easily fits on just one shelf of our upright 40 cubic foot freezer. It does take a bit of time to cut the breast halves apart and trim them up but it is well worth it to be stocked up for a while. This time I packed all the chicken into smaller zip top bags then added those to larger gallon size bags. I found it much easier to have a bunch of the smaller bags prepped by opening them and flipping over the top edge to keep the bag open, then I could just put breasts in there as I worked. I even got my hubby into the mix this time, he sealed and packed all the bags for me.

 I really need to defrost! 

Not heard of Zaycon Chicken? Click here to find out more!   zayconfresh.com/refer/zf114247

FYI... I have not received any compensation for talking about Zaycon chicken. I am just giving my  personal opinions.

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