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Sunday, January 26, 2014

No School... Ahhh winter in MN

So school was called off last thursday because of cold . At my house it was -22 and that was before wind chill! Gotta love Minnesota!  So what to do, admittedly I'm not a very creative mom but we did have a couple treats. Strawberry Kool-aid and strawberry Jello. I know what you are thinking , doesn't sound so special but those are things I just don't serve very often. Lunch was  Mac n cheese. Dinner was chicken pot pie and apple crumble pie for desert. All home made:)

I never make the Mac n cheese exactly the same but basically what I do is cook some pasta noodles. while they are draining heat about 1/2 cup of milk in the pot the pasta was cooked in. Add some cheese. Totally depends on what I have on hand. Today I used 5 slices (like for sandwiches), a few slices of Velveeta type cheese (aldi brand) and about 1/3 cup monetary jack shredded cheese. For a bit of flavor (thanks to a suggestion from my 12 year old daughter) I add a little garlic powder and garlic salt, about 1/8th of a tsp of each. 
When its melted and smooth add the noodles and stir  it all up. Enjoy!

Just got the call that there is no school (again) tomorrow,  due to cold temps (again) and wind chill (Again) predicted down to -50. What to do with the kids? Ahhhh I am so NOT a creative mom when it comes to keeping them occupied and away from screen time when we are cooped up in the house.

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